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The Tokyo Tomin Bank was established in 1951, at a time when small and medium-sized companies were experiencing great difficulty in procuring funds. To meet the financing needs of such companies in Tokyo, a committee was set up to advise the government of Tokyo regarding regional banks and their role in the financial and industrial system. The committee recommended that a regional bank — under the name of the Tokyo Tomin Ginko (Tokyo Citizens’ Bank) — be established, with the principal objective of serving the funding needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry set up a regular discussion group, which recommended cooperation with, and concrete support for, the establishment of the proposed Tokyo Tomin Bank. As a result, the Bank was established on December 18, 1951 with support from many elements of society, including the Tokyo metropolitan government, private-sector business organizations, and Tokyo-based industrial bodies.

Since that date, The Tokyo Tomin Bank has unfalteringly worked to fulfill its commitment of providing quality financial services to individuals and smaller businesses in Tokyo and immediately adjacent areas. Today, amid an environment of rapid change in customer needs and equally rapid development of new types of financial products and services, our original commitment still lies at the very heart of our business operations.